Liger at Natal Zoological Gardens, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa
Natal Zoological Gardens in South Africa is also a classified Liger Zoo as well. This Liger Zoo is located at Pietermaritzburg city of South Africa. It has 1 Liger whose name is Delilha the Liger. Delilha the liger is a male liger and it weighs around 800 to 850 pounds.

Liger at Bloemfontein Zoo, South Africa | Liger Zoos
A Liger Zoo named as Bloemfontein Zoo at South African is one of the pioneers of breeding liger. Tokkelos was the famous liger of Bloemfontein Liger Zoo. This Liger Zoo has records of keeping ligers from 1930s to 1990s. Currently Bloemfontein Zoo does not have any liger.

Liger at Tripoli Zoo in Libya
Libya’s Tripoli Zoo is also classified as a liger because as of latest reports from last 2 years, this zoo had 1 liger at one of its enclosure. However; after Libya’s civil war, the whereabouts of this liger at Tripoli Zoo are not known.

Biliran Mini Zoo at Philippines | Liger Zoos
Biliran Mini Zoo especially qualifies as a Liger Zoo in our global hunt for the ligers. This Liger Zoo has only one liger at its premises. This Liger was born during the year 2011. Currently as of 2014, this Filipino Liger is 3 years old.

Everland Zoo, Yongin, South Korea | Liger Zoos
Everland Zoo in South Korea is also considered as a Liger Zoo. This Liger Zoo is located at Gyeonggi-do Province of South Korea. Chris the Liger is the only alive liger at this Liger Zoo while previously Rapido the liger was the most famous and the biggest liger at Everland Zoo.

Pingtung Rescue Center, Tainan, Taiwan | Liger Zoos
A Liger Zoo in Taiwan is operating with a name of Pingtung Rescue Center for Endangered Wild Animals. This liger Zoo is located at Taiwan’s Tainan city and the name of their liger is A-Piao the liger. A-Piao the liger is currently 4 years old.

Wuxi Animal Zoo, Jiangsu, China | Liger Zoos
A Liger Zoo Situated at the Edge of Eastern China is called Wuxi Animal Zoo. This Liger Zoo is located at Jiangsu Province of Eastern Chinese region. This liger zoo has 2 ligers both of which are brothers, not the twin liger brothers, but rather siblings from same parents (same litter), that were born on different years.

Shenzhen Wildlife Zoo, Shenzhen, China | Liger Zoos
Shenzhen Wildlife Zoo is also a liger zoo that is located at China’s Southern Shenzhen province. Two of the famous ligers at this Liger Zoo are Ruirui and Zhenzhen the ligers. This Liger zoo is one of the biggest liger zoos in the world.

Hongshan Forest Zoo, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China | Liger Zoos
Hongshan Forest Zoo is also known as a Liger Zoo for providing shelter to at least 4 ligers. This Liger Zoo is located at China’s Jiangsu province in Nanjing city. Ligers are part of this zoo since the year 2002.

Liger Zoo - Harbin China (Harbin Zoo)
Harbin Zoo in China offers perfect opportunity to view ligers. This Liger Zoo has at least 2 ligers out of which one of them is a male and the other one is a female. This Liger Zoo is located at Harbin Area of China.

Liger at Hainan Tropical Wildlife Park, Haiku, China | Liger Zoos
A Liger Zoo named as Hainan Tropical Wildlife Park & Botanical Garden has produced more than 12 ligers. This Liger Zoo is located at Haiku Province of China. Pingping and Anan the ligers are the two very famous ligers at this Liger Zoo.

Liger at Shanghai Wild Animal Park, Shanghai, China | Liger Zoos
Shanghai Wild Animal Park is one of the best Liger Zoo in China. This Liger Zoo has as many as 2 ligers. Ligers are part of Shanghai Wild Animal Park from at least last 6 to 8 years.

Liger at Ainad Shrine Circus, Belleville, Illinois, USA | Liger Zoos
Ainad Shrine Circus should be considered as a Liger Zoo as well because of the presence of the liger. This Liger Zoo has only 1 big male liger and it is located at Belleville, Illinois, USA.

Liger at Canberra, National Zoo & Aquarium, Australia | Liger Zoos
Australia’s Canberra Zoo is a Liger Zoo as many people believed that it had a liger at one of its enclosures. But in fact it was a Tigon in that enclosure. Therefore; rather than a Liger Zoo, Australia’s Canberra Zoo should be classified as a Tigon Zoo.

Liger at Zoo Arche Noah, Grömitz, Germany | Liger Zoos
Zoo Arche Noah is one of the famous liger zoos in Germany. This Liger Zoo is located at Germany’s Grömitz region. This Liger Zoo had 3 ligers at its premises of which a male liger named as Bahier was the biggest of all weighing almost 850 pounds.

Liger at Novosibirsk Zoo, Russia | Liger Zoos
A Liger Zoo at Novosibirsk region of Russia offers Ligers and Li-Ligers. The name of this Liger Zoo is Novosibirsk Zoo. Zita is the leading liger at the Novosibirsk Zoo. Zita the liger was born during 2004.

Liger at D&D Farm Animal Sanctuary, Missouri, USA | Liger Zoos
D&D Farm Animal Sanctuary is a classified Liger Zoo in our studies about zoos having ligers. This liger zoo is located at Missouri, USA. There is one female liger in the zoo whose name is Fiesty the Liger. This liger weighs around 500 to 600 pounds from its first appearance.

Liger at King Richard’s Faire, Massachusetts, USA | Liger Zoos
King Richard’s Faire is a mini Liger Zoo that offers ligers and many other big cats at its “Tales of the Tigers” Segment. Hercules the liger has been part of this zoo for almost a decade. This liger zoo is located at Carver, Massachusetts, USA.

Liger at Garold Wayne (G.W.) Zoo, Wynnewood, Oklahoma, USA | Liger Zoos
Garold Wayne Zoo or G.W. Zoo is a liger Zoo located at Wynnewood, Oklahoma, USA. Currently this liger zoo has 3 ligers. Levi is the biggest liger in the zoo, while Aisha is the biggest female liger at the zoo.

Liger at Broken Arrow Animal Shelter, Oklahoma (OK), USA | Liger Zoos
A liger zoo at Oklahoma is named as Broken Arrow Animal Shelter. Rocky the liger is the most famous liger in this liger zoo. Rocky the liger however; died on July 2014 and currently there is no news about the presence of any liger at this zoo.

Liger at Big Cat Habitat & Gulf Coast Sanctuary, Florida, USA | Liger Zoos
A Liger Zoo in Florida is named Big Cat Habitat & Gulf Coast Sanctuary. Brutus the liger and Mia the liger are the two famous ligers from this zoo. This liger zoo is located at Sarasota area of Florida, USA.

Liger at Sierra Safari Zoo, Nevada, USA | Liger Zoos
Ligers are part of Sierra Safari Zoo for almost 2 decades. This Liger Zoo is located at Reno, Nevada, USA. Hobbs the liger and Kalika the liger are the two famous ligers at this zoo. Hobbs the liger weighed 1600 pounds, while Kalika the liger weighs 400 pounds.

Liger at Utah’s Hogle Zoo, USA | Liger Zoos
Utah’s Hogle Zoo is very popular because of the world’s famous liger named as Shasta the liger. Shasta lived for 24 years at Utah’s Hogle Zoo and it is a world record within itself for a liger. Currently, Utah’s Hogle Zoo has no ligers at their zoo premises.

Liger at Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge at Arizona, USA | Liger Zoos
A Liger Zoo named as Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge is a perfect place to spot the liger. This Liger Zoo is situated at Arizona, USA. The name of the male Liger is Brady the liger, and the female liger is Karma the liger.

Liger at McClelland’s Critter Zoo, Alabama, USA | Liger Zoos
McClelland’s Critter Zoo is a home to at least two ligers. The names of these ligers include Tom the Liger and Jerry the Liger. This liger Zoo is located at Alabama State of USA and holds a lot of popularity because of the presence of the ligers at this zoo.

Liger at Woody's Menagerie, Illinois, USA | Liger Zoos
Ligers are part of Woody’s Menagerie Zoo from the last couple of years. This liger zoo is located at Illinois, USA. Woody’s Menagerie Liger Zoo has 2 male ligers and one female liger as well. This liger zoo is very popular across Illinois and it is ideal for watching ligers.

Liger at Noah's Lost Ark at Berlin Center, Ohio, USA | Liger Zoos
Noah’s Lost Ark is also a liger zoo that is located at Berlin Center, Ohio, USA. There are at least 3 ligers at this liger zoo which are named as Sophie, Keenya and Kira the Ligers respectively. All of these three ligers are female ligers.

Liger at Serenity Springs Wildlife Center, Calhan, Colorado, USA | Liger Zoos
A Liger Zoo named as Serenity Springs Wildlife Center is home to at least 2 ligers. The Zoo is located at Calhan, Colorado, USA. The name of the female liger at the zoo is Shakira the liger. This Liger Zoo is very famous at Colorado, USA.

Liger at Endangered Animal Rescue Sanctuary at Citra, Florida, USA | Liger Zoos
A Liger Zoo named as Endangered Animal Rescue Sanctuary is situated at Citra, Florida, USA. Currently this animal sanctuary has 1 liger named as Odin the Liger. Odin the liger is 4 years old and its weighs in between 800 to 900 pounds.

Liger at McCarthy's Wildlife Sanctuary, West Palm Beach, Florida, USA | Liger Zoos
McCarthy Zoo is a perfect home for ligers in USA. This Liger Zoo is located at West Palm Beach in Florida. Currently McCarthy Zoo has 1 female liger which is as huge as a male tiger. The Zoo regularly organizes events for the ligers on special occasions such as birthdays and Halloween etc.

Liger at Wild Animal Safari at Stafford, Missouri, USA | Liger Zoos
Missouri has ligers at its Zoo named as Wild Animal Safari Park. This liger Zoo has 2 female ligers and it is situated at 124 Jungle Dr., Stafford, Missouri, USA. Wild Animal Safari Zoo offers perfect Safari experience with ligers.

Liger at Wild Animal Safari at Pine Mountain, Georgia, USA | Liger Zoos
Two Male Ligers specifically reside at Wild Animal Safari Liger Zoo in Pine Mountain, Georgia, USA. This liger zoo is very popular across Georgia, because of the Ligers’ Safari Experience.

Liger at Wildlife Waystation at Los Angeles, California, USA | Liger Zoos
Ligers have always been the part of Wildlife Waystation Zoo since 1990s. Wildlife Waystation Zoo has a female liger named as Ariana the liger. Martine Collette is the founding member of the zoo and she has been running to zoo since 1977.

Liger at Big Cat Encounters Ranch in Pahrump, Nevada, USA | Liger Zoos
Big Cat Encounters Zoo is the best liger zoo in Pahrump, Nevada, USA. The Zoo has one female liger named as Mia the Liger. Mia the liger has been Part of the Zoo since 2010. This zoo has excellent facilities for the big cats and also offers them a great degree of care as well.

Liger at Ren Faire Virginia (Renaissance Faire) USA | Liger Zoos
If you are seeking a Liger Zoo in Virginia, then Ren Faire (Renaissance Faire) at Spotsylvania in Virginia USA, is one of the key destination to visit the liger. Samson the Liger, Sudan the liger and recently Hercules & Zeus the Liger have all featured within Renaissance Faire at Spotsylvania in Virginia, USA.

Liger at Big Cat Rescue Center, Tampa, Florida, USA | Liger Zoos
A Liger Zoo (Big Cat Rescue Center) at Tampa Florida (USA), offers a unique opportunity to experience a female liger, named as Freckles the Liger. Freckles the liger at Big Cat Rescue Center Zoo weighs 450 pounds.

Liger at TIGER WORLD at Rockwell, North Carolina, USA | Liger Zoos
Tiger World Zoo offers Ligers at its enclosures a well. This Liger Zoo is located at Rockwell, North Carolina, USA. Wayne the Liger and Radar the Ti-Liger are the two Popular Ligers at Tiger World Zoo. The Zoo offers perfect living habitat for the big cats.

Liger at Jungle Island at Miami, Florida, USA | Liger Zoos
Ligers have been residing at Jungle Island Zoo for decades. Currently Sinbad and Vulcan the ligers live at the Jungle Island, Miami, USA. You can have a live interaction with Ligers at Jungle Island and even you can take a close photograph along always with ligers as well.

Liger at Myrtle Beach Safari, South Carolina, USA | Liger Zoos
Myrtle Beach Safari is a perfect Liger Zoo. It is the biggest liger zoo in the world. It has bred more ligers than any other zoo in the world. Dr. Bhagavan Antle is the most influential person at Myrtle Beach Safari zoo who has personally raised more than 10 ligers in his life.