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Liger at King Richardís Faire, Massachusetts, USA | Liger Zoos

King Richardís Faire can also be classified as a Liger Zoo. Ligers and many other big cats are always on display at King Richardís Faire. Therefore; if you are living at Carver, Massachusetts, USA, and want to have a liger experience, then King Richardís Faire is definitely your best choice. King Richardís Faire is not exactly a zoo, but rather it is a cultural event, but the presence of ligers and many other exotic animals, just prompts us to classify King Richardís Faire as a Liger Zoo as well. The exact address of this liger zoo is ďKing Richardís Faire, 235 Main St, Carver, Massachusetts (MA) 02330, USA. You can also contact King Richardsí Faire and confirm the presence of the ligers for their event at this number +1 508-866-5391.

     Linkedin    Google+    Pinterest    VK  King Richard's faire is also a classified Liger Zoo.

King Richard's Faire is also a classified Liger Zoo in our pursuit to search out ligers from around the world. Photo Courtesy of  

Ligers are part of King Richardís Faire for almost 2 decades. Hercules the liger is participating at King Richardís Faire for more than a decade now. Hercules the liger is currently the biggest non-obese liger in the world. His presence at King Richardís Faire always creates a huge degree of buzz. Previously Samson the liger and Sudan the liger have also appeared on King Richardís Faire as well. Furthermore; small liger cubs have also been the part of King Richardís Faire on regular basis. According to some reviews on TripAdvisor, Hercules the liger has already retired from King Richardís Faire during 2013.

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Hercules the liger is part of King Richard's Faire for almost a decade. However; there are some news that Hercules the liger retired from King Richards Faire as of 2014. Photo Courtesy of 

King Richardís Faire holds a very high degree of popularity throughout Massachusetts and across USA. Apart from ligers and big cats at King Richardís Faire, you will always find performers at King Richardís Faire with traditional costumes. This event is given a proper look & feel of a Kingís lifestyle & ambience and many Royal event activities are also part of King Richardís Faire. The event annually takes place in between August and October and ligers have been the key part of this event. Even though Hercules the liger has retired, a new liger will definitely make its way to King Richardís Faire.

     Linkedin    Google+    Pinterest    VK  The presence of Liger at King Richard's Faire further increases the popularity of King Richards faire.

The Presence of the Ligers at King Richard's Faire also makes this Liger Zoo as a very popular Liger Zoo. Photo Courtesy of 

Ligers are brought to a big stage at King Richardís Faire. The stage is open without any barriers and a large number of spectators watch the ligers and many other big cats. This segment of King Richardís Faire is called Tales of the Tigers. Ligers and tigers all look well-tamed and they roam freely on the stage. Dr. Bhagavan Antle (A Famous Big Cat Expert) lead all the big cats and liger from the front, while Moksha Bybee and China York (Animal Trainers) also handle and guide big cats to this public display. All the spectators really find Hercules the liger as an amazing big cat because of its massively huge size and gigantic appearance.

     Linkedin    Google+    Pinterest    VK  Ligers at Stage of King Richard's Faire Liger Zoo.

Ligers and many other big cats are brought to the stage of King Richard's Faire to be viewed by the general public. Photo Courtesy of  

In tales of the tigers there are many small events pertaining to the ligers. Tales of the Tigers at King Richardís Faire is itself is a Mini Zoo. Most probably this liger zoo will be the only interactive zoo in the world, where tamed big cats and ligers are displayed without any protective barriers yet still all the exotic big cats look to behave in the best and safest manner. Hercules the liger is allowed to walk around on the stage. He sits on a Big Stole. He is also tempted to eat from a height of at least 13 feet up, to display the length of Hercules the liger.

     Linkedin    Google+    Pinterest    VK  Liger at Tales of the Tiger Segment of King Richard's Faire Liger Zoo.

Ligers appear within the Segment "Tales of the Tigers" of King Richard's Faire. Many other big cats and animals are also part of this segment at this liger zoo as well. Photo Courtesy of 

The overall experience of King Richardís Faire is amazing for the visitors. Tales of the Tigers (which we already described as a mini liger zoo because of the presence of the ligers and many other big cats) is the most amazing and unique liger and big cat related event in the world. You may never find a liger roaming freely in front of you, but King Richardís Faire is the only place where you may find a freely roaming liger on the stage without any barriers. and both have rated King Richardís Faire as an ideal place to visit.

     Linkedin    Google+    Pinterest    VK  Liger Hercules eating a meat at King Richard's Faire Liger Zoo.

Hercules the Liger eating a piece of meat at King Richard's Faire Liger Zoo. Photo courtesy of 


Is it possible to watch a liger at Massachusetts State of USA?

Yes in Massachusetts, there is always a great buzz about presence of the ligers.

Where can one watch a liger in Massachusetts?

If you are in Massachusetts, you can simply visit King Richardís Faire, which has a segment called ďTales of the TigersĒ. Here you can always watch a liger.

Which liger has frequently visited King Richardís Faire?

Hercules the liger has been a frequent visitor at King Richardís Faire. He has been visiting King Richardís Faire since 2004.

Apart from Hercules did any other liger visited King Richardís Faire?

Yes apart from Hercules the liger Samson the liger, Sudan the liger and recently Adonis the liger visited King Richardís Faire.

Which liger trainers visit King Richardís Faire?

Famous liger trainers such as Dr. Bhagavan Antle, Moksha Bybee and China York are frequent visitors at King Richardís Faire.

What does Hercules the liger do at King Richardís Faire in Massachusetts?

At King Richardís Faire, Hercules the liger is brought to a big stage where the whole audience is educated about ligers. He sits on a large stool and is often tempted to climb up to catch a meat as well.