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Liger at Garold Wayne (G.W.) Zoo, Wynnewood, Oklahoma, USA | Liger Zoos

The Garold Wayne Zoo is also a Liger Zoo as it has a lot of ligers at its premises. The full name of this liger zoo is Garold Wayne Interactive Zoological Wildlife Park. This liger zoo is also called G.W Zoo as a short acronym of Garold Wayne Zoo. This liger zoo is located at the state of Oklahoma. If you are living at Oklahoma State, then you will have two options to see the ligers. First you can go to Broken Arrow Animal Shelter zoo or second you can visit Garold Wayne Interactive Zoological wildlife Park for the ligers. Our suggestion will be that the Garold Wayne Interactive Zoological Wildlife Park will be your best sight to see the liger. Ligers are regular part of the Garold Wayne Zoo, while currently there are at least 1600 animals at this zoological wildlife park. This Liger Zoo accumulates hundreds of acres of lands for all of these exotic animals such as ligers, tigers, pumas, leopards, lions and caracals etc.

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Garold Wayne Zoo at Oklahoma, USA is a very famous Liger Zoo in USA. Photo Courtesy of 

The liger zoo has at least 3 ligers currently as of 2014. According to the reports out of these 3 ligers, 2 of them are male ligers, while 1 of them is a female liger. The biggest of the male ligers is Levi the Liger. Levi the liger weighs around 900 pounds and he is about 4 years old. Levi the liger also has a very trimmed lion mane as well around his neck. Levi the liger has gained this physical characteristic from its father who was an African Lion. On the other hand the name of the female liger at G.W. Zoo is Aisha the liger. Aisha the liger is also very huge and she is most probably the biggest female liger in the world. Aisha the liger weighs well over 500 pounds and she is as huge as a Bengal tiger or a fully grown African lion.

     Linkedin    Google+    Pinterest    VK  Levi the Liger at Garold Wayne Zoo, Wynnewood, Oklahoma, USA.

Levi the liger is a male liger that weighs well over 900 pounds and it lives at Garold Wayne Zoo, Oklahoma, USA. Photo Courtesy of 

This liger zoo (Garold Wayne Interactive Zoological Park) is in operation since 1997 and as of 2014, this zoo is in operation for almost 15 years. Ligers are part of this zoo from at least last 5 years. The founding member currently at the Garold Wayne Interactive Zoological Park is Joe Shreibvogel while Garold Wayne was the brother of Joe Shreibogel who was killed by a drunk driver. The Garold Wayne Interactive Zoological Park is named after him. This zoo not only has ligers but also Li-Ligers and Ti-Ligers. A Ti-Liger is a Liger who has a liger as its mother and a Tiger as its father. A Li-Liger is a Liger who has a liger as its mother and a lion as its father. Therefore; this liger zoo has made significant contributions within liger research as well, as this zoo is one of the pioneers to claim that ligers are not sterile especially the female ligers.

     Linkedin    Google+    Pinterest    VK  Female Liger Aisha at Garold Wayne Liger Zoo at Oklahoma, USA.

The female liger at Garold Wayne Liger Zoo is named as Aisha the liger. Photo Courtesy of 

All the ligers at this liger zoo (G.W. Zoo) are living in awesome conditions. All the three ligers are kept in a same enclosure, while a tiger is also the part of their enclosure as well. The enclosure of the ligers is very huge. It has a huge pound in the middle where the ligers love to swim and play together. The boundaries of the enclosure are grilled with high fences which are as tall as 15 feet. The enclosure looks very clean and the ligers look extremely healthy and happy. All the enclosures at G.W. Zoo specifically meet the requirements proposed by USDA authorities. The purpose of these requirements is to make visitors and animals feel secure and safe at any time.

     Linkedin    Google+    Pinterest    VK  Liger Ecnlosure at Garold Wayne Liger Zoo at Wynnewood, Liger Zoo.

A female liger sitting at its enclosure at Garold Wayne Liger Zoo in Oklahoma, USA. Photo Courtesy of 

Many liger related events regularly take place at G.W. Zoo. Levi the liger which is a male liger at G.W. Zoo is already classified as the second biggest liger in the world by the G.W. Zoo Authorities. Aisha the liger in our studies has been classified as the biggest female liger in the world. The birth of the Ti-Liger and Li-Ligers are also major developments by the G.W. Zoo and their public display has also created a lot of buzz throughout the world. This liger zoo will also be the only liger zoo in the world which showed 3 huge ligers sitting on the tree together, while demonstrating their climbing skills and abilities. Therefore; this zoo is doing an excellent job in taking care of ligers and promoting them for a good cause.

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The Biggest Female Liger in the world most probably lives at Garold Wayne Zoo at Oklahoma, USA. Photo Courtesy of 

From Visitors’ perspective the overall experience of this zoo can be regarded as fully positive indeed. This liger zoo offers a live interaction of the individuals with the animals. However; we still haven’t witnessed an interaction in between a liger and a human at this zoo and rightly so because that might be a very risky move as the zoo might not wanted to have any misfortunate event. Both and websites characterize the visitors’ visit at this liger zoo as being highly positive and motivating. This zoo also has a huge presence online and you will easily be able to find it on all the main stream social media e.g., facebook, twitter, youtube and linkedin etc.

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Garold Wayne Liger Zoo offers an awesome experience of ligers to its visitors. Photo Courtesy of 


Is it possible to spot and watch a liger at Oklahoma State of USA?

Yes you can visit Wynnewood city within Oklahoma State of USA, and at here you can watch a lot of ligers at a zoo named as Garold Wayne Zoo.

How many ligers are there at Garold Wayne Zoo?

There are at least 3 ligers and 2 ti-ligers at Garold Wayne Zoo. A Ti-liger is a liger, which has a tiger as its father, and a female liger as its mother.

How many male and female ligers are there at Garold Wayne Zoo?

Garold Wayne Zoo has 2 male ligers and one female liger.

What are the names of the ligers at Garold Wayne Liger Zoo?

The name of the male liger is Levi the liger, while the name of the female liger is Levi the liger.

How big is Levi the liger?

Levi the liger is almost 900 pounds in weight and he is about 11 feet long.

How are the living conditions of the ligers living at Garold Wayne Zoo?

The ligers at Garold Wayne Zoo enjoy very satisfactory living conditions. They are properly cared. They have vets and they are fed with a healthy diet. Their enclosures are very spacious and tidy.