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Liger at TIGER WORLD at Rockwell, North Carolina, USA | Liger Zoos

You can easily spot a liger at a zoo named as TIGER WORLD in Rockwell, North Carolina, USA. This Zoo comprises of oodles big cats, the biggest of which includes ligers. Ligers were made part of this zoo, since 2008 and as of 2014; ligers are still part of this zoo. The zoo also has a very rare Ti-Liger as well which is a cross between a female liger and male Tiger. White tigers, Jaguars, Pumas, Leopards, Wolves and Black Panthers are also part of the Tiger World zoo as well. Tiger World is a huge zoo, which is spared across couple of square hectares. This zoo is more like an animal rescue center and it has also made key contribution towards preservation of the endangered species as well. Many abused animals are brought to the zoo, where they are kept at maximum care.

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Tiger World is an ideal Liger Zoo which display a lot of ligers at its enclosures. Photo Courtesy of 

Wayne the Liger is the most notable liger and big cat at the Tiger World Zoo. Wayne the Liger is living at Tiger World Zoo for almost 5 years. Wayne the liger was brought to the Tiger World Zoo during the year 2008. He was a small cub at that time. Today; Wayne the Liger is a huge liger and he weighs well above 800 pounds. Wayne is one of the biggest ligers in the world. Wayne the liger is one of the rarest of ligers, who has a grown-up mane as well around his head. Another Liger is Radar the Ti-Liger who has a male Tiger as its father, and female Liger as its mother. Wayne and Radar the liger are of the same ages and they also share the same enclosure as well. They remain fast friends with one another as of today at Tiger World zoo. Another white tiger also shares their enclosure as well. These trios of big cats are childhood friends and live in a perfect peace and harmony at the Tiger World Zoo within their enclosures.

     Linkedin    Google+    Pinterest    VK  Wayne the Liger is the biggest Liger at Tiger World Liger Zoo.

Wayne the Liger is the biggest and most noticeable liger at the Tiger World Liger Zoo. Wayne the liger weighs well over 800 pounds in terms of its weight. Photo Courtesy of 

Tiger World Zoo is managed at the top level by Lea Jaunikas. Lea is the President and Founder of Tiger World. She is a dedicated animal lover and she has decades of experience with big cats including ligers as well. Apart from Lea Jaunikas, Nick Rich (Facility Director), Katty Rich (Operations Manager at Tiger World), Mike McBrIde (Marketing Director), and Eric Setzer (Attending Vet) are the key personalities at Tiger World. Furthermore; apart from that there are oodles of animal trainers and animal handlers that are part of the Tiger World Zoo, which lay the core foundation for the successful operations of Tiger World. Wayne the Liger and Radar the Ti-Liger are very lucky to have such a dedicated bunch of staff members at Tiger World.

     Linkedin    Google+    Pinterest    VK  Lea Jaunikas is a President and Founder of Tiger World Liger Zoo.

Lea Jaunkias is the Founder of Tiger World Liger Zoo. She has raised couple of ligers and many other big cats. In the current Photograph Lea Juanikas is holding a Liger cub and a Tiger Cub at Tiger World. Photo Courtesy of 

Both Wayne and Radar the Liger are kept in a huge enclosure at Tiger World Zoo. The liger enclosure meets all the security and safety requirements for the visitors visiting the zoo. Furthermore; the inside of the liger enclosure is kept natural and clean for the ligers. Best Quality Food is served to the Ligers on regular basis while it is specifically ensured that ligers are kept on balanced diet. Clean drinking water is a key requirement of the ligers, and authorities at the Tiger World have indeed complied with this requirement as well.

     Linkedin    Google+    Pinterest    VK  Wayne the Liger at its Enclosure at Tiger World Liger Zoo.

Wayne the Liger at its enclosure at Tiger world Liger Zoo. Wayne the Liger Shares its enclosure with a Ti-Liger named as Radar the Liger and a white tigress. Photo Courtesy of 

Many events take place at Tiger World on regular basis. The Biggest Liger event was marked at Tiger World Zoo, when both Radar the Liger and Wayne the Liger were brought to the zoo as small cubs. This event was highlighted and cheered by many local individuals. Today Different Media individuals are always present at Tiger World Zoo to take coverage. Salisbury post and many other local newspapers have published Tiger World Activities on regular basis. Almost every month there is a birthday event of some animal at the Tiger World Zoo. Radar and Wayne the ligers have their birthdays celebrated on regular basis each year. A massive meat cake is made for them on their birthdays each year.

     Linkedin    Google+    Pinterest    VK  Radar the Liger at its birthday at Tiger World Liger Zoo.

Radar the Liger at Tiger World Liger Zoo celebrating its birthday with his favorite Chicken meal. Photo Courtesy of  

People an awesome experience and interaction with ligers at Tiger World Liger Zoo. has specifically rated Tiger World Zoo as the best one in terms of user experience. The presence of ligers always amazes, the visitors visiting at the Tiger World Zoo. Ligers have contributed for more popularity of the Tiger World Zoo than any other animal. The Zoo is also very popular for its active animal preservation programs. Locally people really admire to visit Tiger World Zoo. Indeed the dedication of hardworking people working at the Tiger World Zoo is another important factor at the Tiger World Zoo.

     Linkedin    Google+    Pinterest    VK  Tiger World Liger Zoo offers an awesome experience with ligers.

Tiger World Liger Zoo offers you an awesome experience with Ligers and other big cats at its animal sanctuary. Photo Courtesy of 

Just visit Tiger World today and watch Ligers and many other amazing species at this Liger Zoo. Ligers are part of this Liger Zoo from at least last 5 to 6 years.

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Wayne the Liger at Tiger World Liger Zoo at North Carolina, USA. Photo Courtesy of 


Where can I see ligers at North Carolina (USA)?

You can always see ligers at North Carolina by visiting Tiger World animal sanctuary.

How many ligers are there at Tiger World in North Carolina?

Tiger World currently has one liger and a very rare Ti-Liger. A Ti-Liger is a liger which has male tiger as its father and female liger as its mother.

What are the names of the ligers at Tiger World?

The names of the ligers at Tiger World are Wayne the liger and Radar the Ti-Liger.

What are the names of famous animal trainers at Tiger World?

Famous animal trainers at Tiger World include Lea Jaunikas, Nick Rich and Katty Rich.

When did Tiger world introduced ligers at their Zoo?

Tiger World introduced ligers at their Zoo during the year 2010.

What are the ages of the ligers at Tiger world in North Carolina?

Both Radar the liger and Wayne the Ti-Liger are about 6 years old as of 2016.