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Hongshan Forest Zoo, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China | Liger Zoos

A Liger Zoo named as Hongshan Forest Zoo is situated at Eastern Chinese province of Jiangsu. This Liger zoo is home to at least 4 ligers. Anyone who is residing at Nanjing or Jiangsu or at Eastern China and he or she is eager to see ligers, then Hongshan Forest zoo is an ideal place for that individual to visit and experience the ligers. The exact address of this liger zoo is “Hongshan Forest Zoo, No. 168 Heyan Road, Xuanwu District, Nanjing 210028, Jiangsu, China”. This liger zoo is almost 100 years old as this zoo started it operations during the early 1920s. Apart from ligers, this liger zoo has many other big cats, animals and bird species within their enclosures. This Liger Zoo is massive because it at least accumulates an area of 171 acres of land for its animals.

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A Liger Zoo named as Hongshan Forest Zoo is located in Nanjing City of Chinese Jiangsu Province. Photo Courtesy of 

As mentioned earlier, there are about 4 ligers at this historically rich liger zoo. These ligers were born during the year 2008 and currently as of 2014, these ligers are almost 6 years old now. Being 6 years old they are fully mature ligers and they should weigh around 700 to 900 pounds. Hongshan ligers love to swim in the water and that’s the key reason that the Hongshan Zoo authorities have made a special water pool for these ligers, where they love to play and swim together. Ligers usually inherit their swimming characteristic from their mothers and they are much better swimmers than lions. The gender, names and exact ages of these ligers at this Liger zoo are yet to be known. The first liger cubs at this zoo were reported to be born during the year 2002, and before that there were no ligers at this liger zoo.

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Picture of a male liger at Hongshan Forest Zoo in Jiangsu, China. Photo Courtesy of 

Hongshan Forest Zoo has a history of about 90 years. However; the liger history at this Liger Zoo is only for a few years. Almost after one decade this liger zoo will mark 100 years of its services to the public. However; as far as ligers are concern, their history at this zoo is not that much rich and old. ligers have been introduced at this zoo from the last decade or so. Apart from ligers this zoo has a lot of other big cats as well which include tigers, lions, jaguars, leopards, pumas and black panthers etc. Exotic birds and cattle are also part of this Liger Zoo and people love to visit this zoo on regular basis.

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Hongshan Forest Zoo has a huge history of animals. However; this liger zoo has a history of few years with ligers. Photo courtesy of 

Ligers at Hongshan Forest Zoo live in a very spacious and massive enclosure. One white female Siberian tiger also shares its enclosure with these four ligers. All the four ligers love to play together in the swimming pool. These ligers are very friendly with the female tigress as well and that’s the key reason that often on many occasions these ligers seem to enjoy their time with the white female tigress. There is a glass wall placed within the liger enclosure, through which visitors can watch ligers in a very clear manner. Fences and boundaries of the liger enclosure are set very high with grilling as higher as 15 feet tall, thereby ensuring the safety and security of the visitors visiting the zoo. There is also an availability of the medical staff at the Hongshan Forest Zoo which always make sure to provide best healthcare facilities to not only ligers but all the animals present at Hongshan Forest Zoo.

     Linkedin    Google+    Pinterest    VK  Liger Encosure at Hongshan Forest Liger Zoo at Jiangsu, China.

A Liger at its enclosure at Hongshan Forest Liger Zoo. Photo Courtesy of 

The biggest liger related event regarding Hongshan Forest Zoo was dated back during the year 2012, when The Daily Telegraph of UK showed 4 liger brothers swimming together in a swimming pool. All of these ligers were brothers, and they seem to enjoy their in water. Apart from that during 2008 this liger zoo has received a great degree of news buzz regarding crossbreeding of lions and tigers to successfully produce ligers as their offspring. which is a major news network in China has reported a lot of stories along with images and videos about ligers specifically from Hongshan forest zoo.

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During the year 2008, at least 4 liger cubs were born at this liger zoo. The birth of 4 liger cubs at this liger zoo did prompt a massive news buzz in the world. Photo Courtesy of 

Hongshan Forest Zoo is an amazing place to watch and see the ligers. Hongshan Forest zoo is an equally great place to watch other big cats and animals as well. Overall review about this liger zoo is very positive however; there is still a lot of things that are still needed to be improved. First of all the Hongshan forest zoo does not publicize their ligers online. Secondly their website is either missing or its content is not within English language. Therefore; as a matter of fact the international presence of the ligers from Hongshan Zoo is rather missing. Apart from these complaints, still overall experience of the individuals on the and website is still very positive about Hongshan Liger Zoo at Nanjing city’s, Jiangsu Province of China.

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People always rate their experience with the ligers at Hongshan Forest Liger Zoo as an awesome one. Photo Courtesy of 


Is it possible to watch a liger at China's Jiangsu province (Hongshan Area)?

Yes, many media sources have revealed the presence of the ligers at China's Jiangsu province, therefore; you can always watch a liger at China's Jiangsu province.

Where can you see a liger at China's Jiangsu province?

You can watch a liger at China's Jiangsu province by visiting Hongshan Forest Zoo.

Where exactly is the Hangshan Forest Zoo located?

The Hongshan Forest Zoo is located at Heyan Road, Xuanwu District, Nanjing city, in the Jiangsu province of China.

How many ligers are there at Hongshan Forest Zoo?

There are at least four ligers at Hongshan forest zoo in China.

When were ligers first born at Hongshan Forest zoo?

Ligers were first born at Hongshan Forest Zoo during the year 2008.

What are the sizes of the ligers at Hongshan Forest Zoo?

On average the ligers at Hongshan Forest Zoo weigh around 700 to 800 pounds. Females are around 400 to 500 pounds.