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Liger at Ainad Shrine Circus, Belleville, Illinois, USA | Liger Zoos

Ainad Shrine Circus at Illinois, USA is classified as a Liger Zoo because of the presence of liger at its premises. This Liger Zoo, if we call it because of the presence of liger is located at Belleville area in the state of Illinois, USA. Currently this Circus offers only one liger at show which appears along with other Bengal Tigers. If you are from Belleville, then your best chance to watch a liger is at Ainad Shrine Circus which itself is a sort of a liger zoo. The exact address of this Liger Zoo is “Ainad Shrine Circus, Belle Clair Fairgrounds, 200 S Belt E, Belleville, Illinois (IL) 62220, USA”. Please do remember that it is not exactly a zoo but rather it is a circus, but since in this website we are locating places where there are ligers and term these places as liger zoos, therefore; this is the key reason that we are attributing this Ainad Shrine Cicus as a Liger Zoo as well.

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Ainad Shrine circus also offers ligers on the display as well and therefore; it is also classified as a Liger Zoo. Photo Courtesy of  

Currently there is only one liger at this Liger Zoo. This only single liger is a male liger and it lives along with the Bengal Tigers. This liger is trained by the circus trainers, therefore; it knows a lot of tricks and stunts. This Liger looks to be a liger at its peak age, which means that it should be around 4 to 6 years old. What exactly is the name of that liger? No one knows and even the Ainad Shrine Circus at Illinois also did not bother to reveal the name of their liger at any online information resource. The Liger at the Ainad Shrine Circus is massively huge and all the tigers look rather dwarf in front of this big tiger. This liger seems to weigh around 800 to 900 pounds in weight.

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Picture of a male liger (far left) at Ainad Shrine Liger Zoo located in Illinois, USA. Photo Courtesy of 

Ainad Shrine Circus is a circus based zoo where you can watch liger and other big cats. This Liger Zoo has hired circus trainers who regularly train their big cats including their liger as well. The trainers seem to be very gentle indeed and so far no violence has been reported against them on any animals. This is a very good sign from Ainad Shrine Circus’s perspective as Animal Rights Activists are very hungry these days to catch up all the action against the circus trainers and report their cruelty to any online information source. This Liger Zoo has adopted the liger, when it was a small cub, and that’s the key reason that their only liger seems to be very well-behaved and tamed.

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A Liger performing at circus at Ainad Shrine Liger Zoo. Usually this even takes place at Illinois state of USA, but Ainad Shrine Circus also goes to many other states of US as well. Photo Courtesy of 

The enclosure of the Liger at this Liger Zoo is reasonably satisfactory. Usually it is kept in a spacious enclosure, but during the days of performance, the liger and other big cats are kept in small enclosures. These enclosures are shift on regular basis across Illinois region. However; it is not on daily basis that they keep their liger and other big cats in smaller enclosures, but rather this usually happens when they have a circus show ready at a particular area. The liger and other big cats at this liger zoo are in perfect health and their medical examination is done on regular basis. All the big cats including the liger, all seem to be well-fed and none of them looked under-weight or malnourished which is a very positive sign for this Liger Zoo.

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A Liger enclosure at Ainad Shrine Circus Liger Zoo. This enclosure seems to meet all the safety and security requirements for visitors and liger as well. Photo Courtesy of 

If we talk about any big events regarding this liger zoo involving a liger, then we may feel disappointed, because other than the circus performance, there is hardly any event associated with their liger. This is not an encouraging sign at all and even there is hardly any presence of the liger information on the social media platform. They have one of the rarest and unique animal (Liger) of the world and yet still, this liger zoo has failed to capitalize with the presence of their liger. In the blunt words, there is hardly any news buzz of Ainad Shrine Circus and its liger, which is very disappointing indeed. They need to put some effort at least on the social media platforms, to come up with further information about their circus and especially about the liger.

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A liger delivering circus performance at Ainad Shrine Circus Liger Zoo. Photo courtesy of 

Overall this Liger Zoo for watching a Liger in a Circus should be considered as a worthy place to visit. Ainad Shrine Circus offers its visitors the rarest chance to watch the world’s biggest cat in action within the circus arena. They need to spread this new buzz across their official website and social network as well. So far the reviews about this circus and liger zoo are very positive, however; with the presence on website, further feedbacks and reviews will confirm the true worth of Ainad Shrine Circus and performance of the liger at its circus show.

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Come and watch Liger circus at Ainad Shrine Circus Liger Zoo. Photo Courtesy of 


Are there any ligers, in the state of Illinois, USA?

Yes, there have been certain accounts which reveal the presence of the ligers in the State of Illinois, in USA.

Where exactly can you find ligers in the State of Illinois?

You can spot a liger by visiting Ainad Shrine Circus which offers a lot of stunts of big cats, including ligers as well.

Where exactly is Ainad Shrine Circus located?

Ainad Shrine circus is located at Belle Clair Fairgrounds, Belleville, Illinois, USA.

How many ligers are there at Ainad Shrine Circus?

Currently; the Ainad Shrine Circus has only one liger.

What is the gender of the liger at Ainad Shrine Circus?

The liger at Ainad Shrine Circus is believed to be a male liger. This male liger lives along with tigers.

How big is the liger that lives at Ainad Shrine Circus?

The liger at Ainad Shrine Circus weighs around 700 to 800 pounds and he is believed to be 10 feet long.