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Shenzhen Wildlife Zoo, Shenzhen, China | Liger Zoos

China’s Shenzhen Wildlife Zoo is also classified as a Liger Zoo in our hunt for the liger zoos around the world. This Liger Zoo is located at China’s Southern Area of Shenzhen Province at Nanshan District. If you are from China’s Southern region or from Shenzhen region and you are very passionate about watching ligers, then this Liger Zoo very much fulfills your needs and desires. The exact address of this liger zoo is “Shenzhen Wildlife Zoo, East Side of Xihu Lake, Nanshan District, Shenzhen 518055, China”. This Liger zoo has accumulated millions of square meters of land and it is one of the biggest zoos within China. Apart from Liger this zoo has oodles of tigers, lions, Cheetahs, Jaguars and Black panthers as well.

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A Liger Zoo named as Shenzhen Wildlife Zoo is a very famous liger destination in China. Photo Courtesy of  

The Shenzhen Liger Zoo has at least 2 ligers. Both of these ligers are male ligers and they are almost 8 to 10 years of age. One of the male liger’s name is Ruirui while the other male liger’s name is Zhenzhen. Both the male ligers are brothers and they are ready to take on any pride that is located within their territory. Currently these male ligers are living with female tigers. One of the male liger has a mane, while the other male liger is without a mane. Such variations of absence and present of manes within ligers are very common. Both the male ligers weigh well over 800 pounds, and they are twice the size of a lion or a tiger. There are many other reported ligers at this zoo as well, but their information at this moment is rather less highlighted online.

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Picture of male ligers at Shenzhen Wildlife Liger Zoos. Photo courtesy of 

Shenzhen Liger Zoo is not only a zoo but it also offers circus, animal safari activities, indoor aquariums, fairs, festivals and a lot of other entertainment stuffs. Each time whenever a liger is born at this zoo, the news of the liger’s birth receives huge international buzz. Like many other zoos in China, at this zoo you can also buy food for the ligers and other animals at the zoo and even feed them directly with your own hands. This Liger Zoo is in operation from at least 3 to 4 decades. The tropical weather of the region allows this zoo to operate all the time during the year. Therefore; at any time of the year you can go at this zoo and witness your experience with the world’s biggest cats i.e., ligers.

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Shenzhen Liger Zoo offers Wild Animal Safari as well. This safari also include your experience with the ligers as well. Photo Courtesy of 

Ligers are kept within massively huge enclosures at Shenzhen Zoo. Ligers’ enclosure also has Glass walls as well, where you can have a very clearest of the views to watch ligers. Ligers are awarded with couple of amenities at their enclosure which include swimming pools, protection shelter, muddy flooring, woody flooring, and big trees as well. Food is served to these ligers in their enclosures on regular basis and fresh supply of water is always made available to these ligers. The boundaries of the enclosures are very safe and high, and no big cat including liger can come out of their enclosure at any circumstances. Currently ligers are sharing their enclosures with at least 3 female ligers.

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Picture of a Liger at its enclosure at Shenzhen Wildlife Liger Zoo in Shenzhen China. Photo Courtesy of 

Many events specifically pertaining to the ligers have received international recognition at Shenzhen Wildlife Safari Park. Most popular of these events includes the interaction of a small baby liger with dolphins at an indoor aquarium at Shenzhen Zoo. This event extracted huge global attraction and created an awesome degree of global buzz. In another event the twin ligers at the Shenzhen Zoo celebrated their first ever birthday. A special beef cake was made for them and both the ligers even though they were shy to eat it in the beginning really enjoyed it in the end. At the Shenzhen Zoo every daily visit is an event as the visitors love to purchase meat for the liger and love to feed them at their enclosures.

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Birthday celebrations of a Liger at Shenzhen Wildlife Liger Zoo in China. In Shenzhen wildlife Zoo it is very common to celebrate the birthdays of the animals. Photo Courtesy of 

In terms of ligers, this liger zoo is an amazing place. Overall feedback of the individuals about the Shenzhen Zoo is very positive. Both and websites have a lot of reviews about this zoo regarding ligers. Majority of these reviews are very positive indeed. The best thing about this zoo is that by spending a few Chinese Yuan or bucks at this zoo, you can have highly excited and amazing experiences. Therefore; on your next visit to the China, a visit to the Shenzhen Zoo, specifically for watching ligers should be your top entertainment priority indeed.

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Picture of a Liger Cub at Shenzhen Wildlife Liger Zoo in China. Photo Courtesy of  


Are there any ligers in Shenzhen province of China?

Yes, the reports do indicate the presence of the ligers in one of the zoos in Shenzhen province of China.

Where can you watch a liger in Shenzhen province of China?

You can always watch a liger by visiting Shenzhen Wildlife Zoo.

What is the exact address and location of the Shenzhen Wildlife liger zoo?

The exact address and location of the Shenzhen Wildlife Zoo is “East Side Xihu Lake, in the District of Nanshan, Shenzhen province, China.”

How many ligers are there at Shenzhen Wildlife Zoo?

There are at least 2 ligers at Shenzhen Wildlife Zoo in China.

What is the names of the liger at Shenzhen Wildlife zoo?

The names of the ligers at Shenzhen wildlife zoo are Ruirui and Zhenzhen respectively. Both the ligers are male ligers.

What are the sizes of the ligers at Shenzhen Wildlife zoo?

Both the ligers at Shenzhen Wildlife Zoo in China are around 800 pounds in weight and they are at least 10 feet long.